Eminent Domain is Always Wrong

Eminent domain is when the government is allowed to take property away from private citizens, without their consent, for “public use”, but is required to give that private citizen a “fair” value for it, a value the government chooses.

Taking someone’s stuff without their consent is wrong. Having the government take someone’s stuff without their consent is wrong as well, even if it’s for fun bike trails, and even if they give you some compensation for it.

Property rights is one of the basic, fundamental rights of any individual, and eminent domain violates those rights.

I love bike trails, but not at the cost of individuals losing their property.

Milwaukee Picked for DNC 2020!

Congrats to Milwaukee for bagging the DNC 2020!

“There is no better place to showcase the Democratic Party’s vision for the future than in Wisconsin,” Tammy Baldwin said.

I sure hope Milwaukee showcases the Democratic Party’s vision. Milwaukee has been run by democrats and socialists since 1908. It has one of the highest racial disparities in the nation, lead levels in its drinking water that rivals Flint, MI, underfunded public services, and all with plenty of deficit spending and debt to go around.

It can also showcase Milwaukee’s obsolete street car, subsidized by mortgaging future property taxes.